14 Sep 2010

HOLLISTON, MA. – September 14, 2010 – FlexHead® Industries, the leading producer of flexible sprinkler hose fittings, released today that its product helped minimize the damage in a major department store after an earthquake hit a Bayshore Mall in Eureka, CA.

According to the Eureka Times Standard, only one store stayed open, while 76 other stores at the mall had to shut down for days to repair the damage in the sprinkler system. FlexHead®‘s product allowed the sprinkler head to move during the quake without causing damage to the sprinkler system. Unfortunately, the shaking breached hard-pipe sprinkler drops protecting the rest of the mall, causing damage estimated at $6 million.

“We believe that this occurrence only proves that FlexHead® products are a great solution in seismic areas” said FlexHead® CEO Norman J. MacDonald III. “Our products provide superior seismic protection while eliminating the need for an oversized ring around the sprinkler head to protect it from damage during an earthquake.” MacDonald added, “We knew that our products would perform well during a seismic event as we recently performed full-scale seismic testing at the Structural Engineering Earthquake Simulation Laboratory at SUNY with excellent results.”

FlexHead® products are UL Listed and FM Approved in accordance with NFPA-13 and have been seismically qualified pursuant to test criteria established by the International Code Council.

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