7 Dec 2017

The American Fire Sprinkler Association Mid Atlantic Chapter demonstrated a side-by-side burn demonstration at the 29th Annual Fort Washington Fire Prevention and Safety Expo on October 16, 2017. A side-by-side demonstration is one of the best educational tools to show how quickly a fire spreads in a residential property and the effectiveness of a fire sprinkler system.

Each trailers in the side by side burn demonstration was furnished like a room in a typical house, one with a fire sprinkler system and one without. A fire is then lit in each room. Fire sprinklers in residential properties are designed to activate when the air in the room reaches a certain temperature, typically 155 degree F. As the temperature goes up on the fire sprinkler-protected side, the fire sprinklers activate dispensing water to control, and extinguish the fire. In contrast, the fire in the room without fire sprinklers shows just how quickly a fire can grow to engulf a space.

In the side by side burn demonstration video you will see and hear Master of Ceremony – Chief Fire Marshal John Waters of Upper Merion Township, PA describe the typical timing response from a fire department while viewing the different stages of the fire.

It is quite evident from the video that fire sprinklers save lives!

The Fort Washington Fire Expo was initially started as a way to educate the public about fire safety and fire prevention, the EXPO has grown into a much anticipated and very successful community event. Included in the program are many areas of injury prevention for people of all ages, as well as emergency preparedness. Visitors come from near and far, last year’s crowd was estimated to be in excess of 1,000.

Thank you to the Mid Atlantic AFSA Chapter Meaghan Wills and Ray Freemont, Jr. for providing this video footage by General Air Products. FlexHead® was not involved in this process and we do not own the rights to this video footage.