For over a decade, FlexHead® sprinkler systems have been protecting cleanrooms in places such as Taiwan, China, Singapore, Israel, Europe, and North and South America.

Because installation takes a fraction of the time of hard-pipe systems, cleanrooms can be certified and online faster—a critical factor in getting your cleanroom up and running.

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Cold Storage

A new flexible stainless steel hose and mounting system for fire sprinkler systems that is designed specifically for cold storage and freezer applications.

The dry pipe pendant sprinkler moves and flexes with the structure and the seal stays intact protecting the integrity of the dry pendant sprinkler head.

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Industrial / Duct Sprinklers

FlexHead® flexible sprinkler systems have been protecting exhaust ducts in semi-conductor/electronics facilities for more than fifteen years with no reported failures or leaks, and no sprinkler-related downtime.

During normal operation, patented FlexHead® technology contributes to productivity by allowing the process to continue even during routine maintenance.

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Institutional Sprinkler Connection

The FlexHead® Institutional Sprinkler Connection uses our UH-1 Bracket (retaining flange) to secure the flexible sprinkler hose to the concrete wall or ceiling.

These connections have been specifically designed for use in institutional mental health occupancies, correctional facilities, or anywhere a likelihood of tampering with fire sprinklers by the occupants may exist.

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