When ordering a FlexHead® Duct unit, we will need the following information.

1) Choose one of the FlexHead® Duct Units

a.Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)1000 Series
b.Metal1100 Series
c.Polypropylene1200 series
d.PVC1300 series

2) What length hose is required?


For ordering the duct unit, you will need the first two numbers of the Duct Series and the last two numbers for the hose length.  For example, if you need an FRP, with a 24″ hose, you would order a 1024 unit.

3) Is a Sprinkler Head required? If so, what temperature?

f.286° (wax coated, 1/2 outlet)

Please Note: If no sprinkler head is required, this must be noted on the purchase order.

4) What diameter bottom block is required?

a.FRP - No diameter bottom block is needed
b.Square Duct requires a flat bottom block
c.For all Metal, Polypropylene and PVC ducts with a curved bottom block, a diameter must be provided

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 800-829-6975.

Thank you for your business!