Installation of FlexHead® Commercial Ceiling Flexible Sprinkler Drop System: Model # MPT-24-BKT1 Multi-Position Tall Bracket (MPT)

Recommend the use of proper PPE for installation. MPT-24-BKT1 is approved for use with the standard FlexHead® and SuperFlex Flexible Sprinkler Hose in accordance to NFPA 13, 13D, & 13R for use in wet and dry sprinkler system. The Standard & SuperFlex Flexible sprinkler hoses are UL approved for limited flexibility and are intended for direct sprinkler connection.

Standard Tall

FlexHead® Standard Tall
2024T, 2036T, 2048T, 2060T, 2072T

Standard Tall Elbow

FlexHead® Standard Tall Elbow
2024ET, 2036ET, 2048ET, 2060ET, 2072ET

Super Flex

2036SF, 2048SF, 2072SF

The MPT bracket is set for 24″ center of tile installation.

  1. T Bar Ceiling Grid Installation
    The MPT bracket is designed for use on ceiling grids conforming to ASTM C 635.

    1. Locate the center of the ceiling tile marking, align the offset screw with that marking for true center of tile installation. Insert one bracket leg at a time, applying a downward pressure on the bracket leg and T-Bar. Screw the self tapping screw using a #2 square head driver. Place the second leg on the T-Bar and repeat process. (Fig. 1)

      T Bar Ceiling Grid Installation

      T Bar Ceiling Grid Installation
      Figure 1

  2. FlexHead® Flexible Hose Installation
    1. Apply Teflon® tape or pipe sealant to the 1” NPT thread. Install into branch outlet. Any direction is acceptable, ensure the hose is allowed at least one bend per installation to allow for seismic movement. (See Friction Loss Chart on page 3 for details.)
    2. Tighten hose using the pipe drop section, never apply a wrench to the braided hose for installation. (Fig. 2)

      Flexible Hose Installation

      Flexible Hose Installation – Do not wrench on a braided hose.
      Figure 2

  3. Secure the FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop to MPT Bracket
    1. Maneuver the flexible sprinkler drop from the branch to the MPT bracket. Review that the hose length, number of bends, and bend radius are applicable for the installation per NFPA guidelines. (See Corresponding hose technical data sheet for installation information.)
    2. The MPT bracket has an open hub for ease of installation. Open the hinge apparatus by turning the locking shaft ¼ turn. Slide the flexible hose drop into the hub. Ensure the drop is vertical, and the SS Flexible® hose is not applying a substantial moment on the bracket causing sprinkler misalignment. Latch the hinge door close and adjust the sprinkler drop for desired ceiling height. Tightening the set screw till hand tight plus two full revolutions, (130 in-lbs). (Fig. 3a and 3b)
    3. Install desired sprinkler head, per the manufactures installation instructions.
      Secure the Sprinkler Drop to MPT Bracket

      Figure 3a

      Secure the Sprinkler Drop to MPT Bracket

      Figure 3b

  4. Ceiling Tile Installation
    1. The flexible sprinkler drop system with MPT Bracket is able to be installed prior to the ceiling tile installation, preventing the need for sprinkler contractor tile adjustment.
    2. For ease of tile installation, cut the largest sprinkler hole recommended by the manufacture. The largest hole that is still covered by the sprinkler escutcheon allows for an easier install.
    3. Angle the tile at 45 degrees and push the tile through the hole and up above the ceiling T-bar, maneuver the tile and allow it to drop in the proper location. (Fig. 4)

      Ceiling Tile Installation

      Ceiling Tile Installation
      Figure 4

Installation Complete
Installation Complete


Installation Configuration


24″ Tile – 24/4
Quarter Mark Position


16″ Tile – 16/2
Center Position


16″ Metal Stud
(Web Size > 5″)
Center Position


14-1/2″ Wood Stud
Center Position

U.S and International Patent Pending: #6,123,154, #6,119,784, #6,752,218, #7,032,680, #6,488,097