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The following are instructions on the installation of FlexHead® Commercial Sprinkler Hose Fitting.

  1. Mounting Bracket Assembly (If Required) M#: MPO-24-BKT-2

    For use with FlexHead® model numbers 20XX, 20XXH, where XX designates hose length in inches.

    Remove one (1) 3/8” bolt and one (1) ¼” bolt from hardware bag in box. Remove (1) universal hub and one (1) mounting bracket from box. Thread the 3/8” bolt through side of universal hub. Select one (1) of the four (4) sprinkler port locations on mounting bracket. (Fig. 1)

    1. Insert tab of universal hub into slot on mounting bracket as shown.
    2. Flip bracket over and insert and tighten ¼” attachment bolt thru pre-punched hole in bracket until tight as shown.
  2. Attach Mounting Bracket to T-bar Suspended Ceiling Grid.

    *Note: These products are designed for use with Intermediate or Heavy Duty ceiling grids manufactured to ASTM C 635 (Standard Specification for the Manufacture, Performance, and Testing of Metal Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-in Panel Ceilings) and ASTM C 636 (Standard Practice for Installation of Metal Ceiling Suspension Systems for Acoustical Tile and Lay-in Panels) Designation.

    1. Remove mounting bracket assembly from box. From above the ceiling, position FlexHead® Mounting Bracket ends on to T-bar grid so that the center hole in support bracket aligns directly above the sprinkler hole prepared in ceiling tile. Be sure the center section of the bracket end is on the outside of grid and base section is on the inside. Position the ends of the support bracket on the T-bar grid and push each of the two (2) ends of the bracket down to snap in place as shown. (Fig. 2)
  3. Anchor Bracket to T-bar Grid
    1. Anchor bracket to t-bar grid with self-tapping screw through bottom hole in bracket end into grid. Be sure to install self-tapping screw in lower hole of bracket end as shown. Repeat process on opposite end of bracket. Both ends of bracket should be anchored as shown. (Fig. 3)
  4. Connect FlexHead® to Sprinkler Branch-line

    Apply teflon tape and pipe sealant to one inch (1”) threaded end of FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop per NFPA guidelines. Attach one inch (1”) threaded end of FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop to branch-line per NFPA, State and local code guidelines.

    Flexible Sprinkler Hose Fittings are only to be installed with bends. Do not install without bends. (See attached Friction Loss Data information for maximum number of beds per hose length.)

    Attach FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop using rigid pipe end of units as wrenching surface as shown. (Fig. 4)

    Do not use welded or braided hose section of FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop for a wrenching surface.

  5. Secure FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop to Mounting Bracket and install Sprinkler Head.

    Bend the FlexHead® to hold its desired position. Do not over bend the flexible hose. FlexHead® has a 3” (76mm) minimum bend radius. (See attached Friction Loss Data information for maximum number of beds per hose length.) Insert reducing coupling end of FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop through center hole in previously installed support bracket and hole in ceiling tile. Make sure the hose is bent sufficiently so that the reducing coupling sits perfectly vertical in center hole of support bracket. Do not torque or twist FlexHead® during installation process. (Fig. 5a)

    1. Close hub on bracket and turn the lock shaft 1/4 turn clockwise as show. Lock hub closed (Fig. 5b)
    2. Attach sprinkler head, properly prepared with teflon tape and sealant to FlexHead® Sprinkler Drop according to NFPA and sprinkler head manufacturer’s guidelines. (Fig. 5c)
    3. Adjust FlexHead® Sprinkler height to accommodate type of sprinkler head. When sprinkler head is in desired location, tighten the fastening bolt on center hub of support bracket by turning clockwise hand tight plus 1 turn (95 inch lbs) with wrench as shown. After tightening the bolt, tighten the nut hand tight plus 1 turn (95 inch lbs) with wrench. (Fig. 5d)
  6. Installation of the FlexHead® Ceiling Sprinkler System is complete.

    *Test installation of sprinkler system for any leaks per NFPA Guidelines.

    *Install sprinkler escutcheon from below ceiling per manufacturers guidelines.


FlexHead Model #Outlet Size in (cm)Hose Assembly Length ft (m)Maximum Number of 90-Degree Bends (3 in. Bending Radius)Maximum Equivalent Length of Schedule 40, Nominal 1 in Diameter Pipe ULMaximum Ambient Temperature Rating F (C)Maximum Rated Pressure H-Series psi (kPa) / psi (kPa)Maximum K-factor & Orifice of Sprinkler K-factor/ orifice
Model Numbers: “H” designates high pressure unit rated to 300 psig
FlexHead products are intended for use in hydraulically designed wet, pre-action, deluge or dry pipe sprinkler per NFPA 13, 13R, and 13D guidelines.
The hydraulic loss of FlexHead should be included in the hydraulic design calculations the same as a valve or fitting.
Bracket System MPO-24-BKT-2 has a maximum of 24 inch requirement for anchoring to the building component.
Intended for use for direct connection to Fire Sprinklers and has limited flexibility.
2024, 2024H1/2 (1.27)2 (0.6)311300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)5.62 / 1/2”
2036, 2036H1/2 (1.27)3 (0.9)316300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)5.62 / 1/2”
2048, 2048H1/2 (1.27)4 (1.2)424300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)5.62 / 1/2”
2060, 2060H1/2 (1.27)5 (1.5)429300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)5.62 / 1/2”
2072, 2072H1/2 (1.27)6 (1.8)435300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)5.62 / 1/2”
2024, 2024H3/4 (1.90)2 (0.6)312300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)14.0 / 3/4"
2036, 2036H3/4 (1.90)3 (0.9)318300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)14.0 / 3/4"
2048, 2048H3/4 (1.90)4 (1.2)423300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)14.0 / 3/4"
2060, 2060H3/4 (1.90)5 (1.5)429300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)14.0 / 3/4"
2072, 2072H3/4 (1.90)6 (1.8)432300º (148º)175 (1205) / 300 (2068)14.0 / 3/4"