13 Jan 2015

Customers asked, FlexHead® listened and delivered.  FlexHead® recently unveiled its new Multi-Position Tall Bracket (MPT). 

The MPT Bracket was developed to be the simplest, most versatile mounting bracket for flexible sprinkler drops on the market. Customers were searching for a bracket that would allow the ceiling tile to be installed after the FlexHead® drop was fully in place.

FlexHead® delivered on this request by developing the MPT Bracket with no-touch superior height allowing for mounting without pre-installing the ceiling tile and coming fully assembled out of the box at 24”.  In addition, FlexHead® also went several steps beyond, incorporating an innovative telescoping design allowing the MPT Bracket to accommodate various ceiling grid configurations within seconds, eliminating the need for fabrication while also achieving true center of tile position of the sprinkler head.

According to Steve Mitchell, General Manager of FlexHead® Industries, everything they do at FlexHead® is constantly focused on the customer. “We are all about providing the highest quality products which drive installation productivity saving the contractor both time and money. The MPT Bracket is another quality product in a long line of FlexHead® products that deliver what our customers need”.

Download the MPT sell sheet and get more detail about the product.