Multi-Position Tall Bracket

The Multi-Position Tall Bracket (MPT) was developed to be the simplest, most versatile mounting bracket for flexible sprinkler drops on the market. This no-touch ceiling tile model allows the ceiling tile to be installed after the FlexHead® drop is fully in place.

The MPT bracket now has even more adjustability! The FlexHead® team added additional securing locations and adjusted the legs to create more versatility and can now be installed on a number of different ceiling grid options.  It also works well with 16” on center hard lid ceiling applications.

Features and Benefits

  • No Touch superior height allows the MPT to be mounted without pre-installing the ceiling tile and comes out of the box fully assembled at 24”
  • Telescoping Design within seconds the MPT Bracket can be adjusted from 24” to 16” to 14 ½” in length accommodating numerous applications without additional fabrication
  • No loose parts as pre-installed mounting screws quickly secure the bracket to the ceiling T bar
  • Adjustable Open Hub allows for swift & accurate repositioning at the 1/4 points
  • Stable 3.5” offset bracket legs provide sprinkler head position at true center of tile while mounting bracket remains secure in its intended place

UL fm-approval

Download (PDF, 819KB)