FlexHead® Commercial Ceiling Sprinkler Connections deliver the same rapid installation, simple relocation, and feasible retro-fitting, only now available to the general construction industry.

This Commercial connection is FM approved and UL Listed up to 300 psi working pressure. With any contractor-installed sprinkler head of choice, this pressure/leak tested, fully guaranteed system is available with 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, or 6′ hose lengths, making it perfect for any commercial application.

FlexHead® Industries remains singularly dedicated to manufacturing and distributing leading edge automatic flexible sprinkler connections allowing end-users, architects & engineers and contractors the ability to:

  • Reduce construction schedules to allow for rapid building occupancy.
  • Reconfigure sprinkler locations to code to accommodate changes in floor plan – without draining or disassembling hard pipe.
  • Retrofit within confined spaces in existing buildings quickly and easily with code compliant automatic sprinklers, while creating minimal impact to business operations.