12 Jun 2006

New integrated system organizes lighting, diffusers and sprinklers in linear, 6-inch-wide technical “zone” pre-qualified for fit and finish

CHICAGO, June 12, 2006 – The days of the cluttered ceiling visual are gone. Armstrong® has introduced the TechZone Ceiling System, the industry’s first ceiling system that organizes lighting fixtures, air diffusers and sprinkler heads in a linear 6-inch-wide technical “zone” to create a cleaner, more monolithic ceiling visual.

The totally integrated acoustical ceiling system uses only standard components, while still delivering the desired quantity and quality of light and air into the space. The new linear technical “zone” is pre-qualified for fit and finish and visually coordinates with the look of large-scale Armstrong® Optima fine-textured ceiling panels.

By partnering with the nation’s leading lighting, diffuser and flexible sprinkler connection manufacturers, Armstrong® is able to provide an engineered, easy-to-specify ceiling system that uses standard components but imparts a clean, custom look to the space, without the long lead times, hassles and cost often associated with custom materials to achieve the same look.

Eliminates Ceiling Penetrations

The new TechZone system eliminates the need for penetrations in the ceiling panels, making them more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to install. Maintenance hassles and potential panel damage are also limited since all technical services are housed in the “zone”.

In addition, all ceiling panels, 6″ wide technical panels, light fixtures, diffusers and sprinklers are available in lay-in and regular versions to ensure that all components align precisely for a uniform visual.

TechZone Ceiling Systems are especially appropriate for use in large expanses and open areas that require superior acoustical performance, such as open plan offices, libraries, media centers, retail settings and airports.

Partners Are Industry Leaders

Industry leaders partnering with Armstrong® in the creation of TechZone Ceiling Systems include Lightolier, Lithonia Lighting, Neo-Ray, and Zumtobel Lighting, all of which manufacture linear recessed and pendant lighting fixtures; Carnes, which manufactures linear supply and return air diffusers; and FlexHead® Industries, which manufactures flexible fire sprinkler connections.

Easily installed in standard 9/16″ or 15/16″ suspension systems, Optima ceiling panels provide exceptional noise reduction and light reflectance. They have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.90-0.95, an Articulation Class (AC) of 180-190, and a Light Reflectance (LR) value of 0.90.

Can Contribute to LEED Credits

When used with indirect pendant lighting, the combination of TechZone and High Light Reflectance Optima ceiling panels can provide up to 3 LEED credits for daylighting and energy consumption. In addition, Optima panels are recyclable as part of the Armstrong® Ceiling Recycling Program.

Optima panels also feature the non-directional DuraBrite surface for increased durability. This washable, impact-resistant surface resists scratches and makes the panels more resistant to HVAC soiling. Optima ceilings also incorporate humidity-resistant HumiGuard Plus properties to reduce the possibility of sagging.

To obtain additional information on TechZone Ceiling Systems, call 1-877-ARMSTRONG, 1-1-4 (1-877-276-7876, 1-1-4) or visit armstrong.com/techzone. Armstrong® Holdings, Inc. is the parent company of Armstrong® World Industries, Inc., a global leader in the design and manufacture of floors, ceilings and cabinets. In 2005, Armstrong®‘s net sales totaled nearly $4 billion. Based in Lancaster, PA, Armstrong® operates 41 plants in 12 countries and has approximately 14,600 employees worldwide.